Common FAQ's


Returns can be made through us, your current return carrier, or we can introduce you to a D2C returns industry specialist.

Transit times

1-3 and 1-5 day options allow brands to align transit times with their delivery SLAs.

International shipping

Anywhere in the world.

Peak surcharges

Our peak surcharges have been as great as 80% lower than others between October and December.

I already have 3PL

We work both merchant fulfilled shippers and online brands utilizing a 3PL or Fulfillment Center for order fulfillment.


Shipntel integrates with most major shipping software platforms. Furthermore, our API allows for easy integration with any shipping software providers interested in integrating.

I use FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon

We assist high performing D2C brands who are fulfilling orders themselves or using a fulfillment company for fulfillment purposes.

APO/FPO/US territories

Yes, we ship to all APO and FPOs.

How are Undeliverables handled?

You may designate to have us return items to you or abandon undeliverables.

Is there a surcharge to deliver to a residence?

No, residential surcharge is always included free of charge.