Analytically-driven solutions to reduce your shipping spend.

Our logistics stacks are focused on speed of delivery, reduction in overspend, or a combination of the two to align with the strategic delivery goals of the brand.

All About Your Brand

Gather information on the brand’s identity, its value sets, and operational drivers that influence its shipping strategies. Is shipping viewed as a cost center or is it focused on speed? Most likely both, under different circumstances driven by your consumers. Understanding your shipping strategy, policy, and objectives helps us understand where we align.

Gather Shipping Data

Our unique and interactive software enables high-performing Direct to Consumer brands to capitalize on ways to reduce parcel overspend. Through our analytics and data driven approach we identify, graphically exhibit, and communicate on areas of improvement.


Begin with an intimate shipping analysis

Our shipping software digests the information and establishes areas for substantial improvement

  • Heat zone maps of your density.
  • Zone spend
  • Average shipping cost per order, per zone
  • Spend by state
  • Overspend paid in each area

Use Shipntel Delivery Network

Capitalize on the savings presented by utilizing Shipntel delivery network. Maintain your current pick, pack and labeling processes by integrating your current shipping software with our shipping services. We integrate with dozens of platforms. At this point, your customers can begin to enjoy our on time delivery rate of 98%.

Use Your Increased Savings on Whatever You Like

  • Add towards Customer Acquisition Cost budgets?
  • Expand digital marketing, SEO, and content curation?
  • CX Expansion?
  • Add direct to the bottom line for shareholders?


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