Analytically-driven solutions to reduce your shipping spend.

In an industry casted as an oligopoly for decades on end, Shipntel has demonstrated there is another option, specifically for high volume direct to consumer shippers. With fifty years of experience in logistics alone from the Chairman of the Board, Shipntel is poised to deliver quickly and at a cost effective price point within the Direct to Consumer shipping space.

Evaluation & Fit

As a brand considering Shipntel, you can expect an array of charts and graphs showcasing where the majority of your spend lies. At this stage, Shipntel may drill down and exhibit savings within the zones containing the largest shipping densities from your shipping profile. As an example, Shipntel may communicate zones 6, 7, 8 account for 74% of your total volume with a follow up on exactly what savings can be achieved using Shipntel for these specific zones. Granular detail coupled with broad, executive level summaries make strong decisions.


As a decision is made to use Shipntel, we will begin integration with your current shipping software. This is typically completed within 1-2 business days and the completion of integration allows the retailer or fulfillment company to produce labels. These tracking numbers, once provided to your customer will transmit same day movement and tracking information to your consumers.

Outcome Analysis

We provide similar reporting to what was originally received as you were considering Shipntel as your shipping partner. In this stage, we arrange for automated transmission of delivery performance by day, by zone, by state, and even by zip code. This allows you, as the brand, to communicate delivery expectations as broadly or granularly as you would please.

Ongoing Experience

Shipments are billed to you weekly, and internally audited, ensuring you receive the promised price, down to the penny, each time and every time. A copy of your rate sheet will be delivered with every invoice in the event you would like to audit any tracking ID. Shipntel will dedicate a single point of contact for you to lean on for any questions, tracking updates, follow-ups, and the likes.