Shipntel Services Ship more, for less

Our logistics stacks are focused on speed of delivery, reduction in overspend, or a combination of the two to align with the strategic delivery goals of the brand.


Daily Pickup

As your ecommerce brand or fulfillment company completes its pick, pack, and labeling for the day, our driver will arrive for pickup during your preferred and chosen pickup window. This bulk pickup of orders being processed takes place in the morning, in the afternoon, or both using a truck suited for your shipping location and volume. This is also referred to as First Mile.


Automated Sorting & Routing

Sorting technology routes the shipments received at our origin distribution center. This is completed the same day. Our low touch, highly automated systems accelerate the sorting and routing functions to keep packages moving even during the busiest of seasons. We encourage you to visit our facilities to see our technology at work. Or, request a short video to see the sort in action.



Once packages are routed, local, regional, and cross country movements provide the means of transportation to destination hubs, distribution centers and delivery units. Internally, this is also referred to as the middle mile. Dedicated assets transport orders in bulk so that your clients receive their orders with increased visibility, predictability, and speed.



Your customer is thrilled at checkout and becomes truly satisfied when the order is received at their doorstep. As your chosen delivery partner, we understand the importance we play as both an extension to your brand and customer journey upon delivery. With an on time delivery rate above 98%, we remain diligent in providing service above our operational commitments. This final step is also referred to as the final mile.